Jantec, known for its ceiling fans and lighting product, originally started its life being an importer and OEM brand for Cetnaj, an electrical wholesaling business formed in 1976.  In 2003 the decision was made that the business needed  a Unique Selling Proposition over its competitors, and thus Jantec was born.  A modest four ceiling fans made up the range but like all good ideas, you have to crawl before you can walk. 

Today, throughout our brands, Jantec, DEKA, DECCO and Apollo Lighting, we have in excess of 100 SKU items across the range to cater for the greater network whilst giving our partners their own USP through these different brands.

At Jantec Lighting & Ceiling Fans, we pride ourselves on listening to our “partners” and delivering a solution that best suits their needs.  Through different branding strategies, we are able to deliver a range of products that are value added at market competitive prices.   We also have the ability to offer exclusive product in small production runs thanks to the relationships and buying power we have abroad.  We provide quality Ceiling Fans and Lighting product and deliver more than just a box.  We partner with strong overseas suppliers to ensure our quality stands the test of time.  Customer and end user satisfaction is key to us maintaining business and building growth.